BRU first started on a 1/2 barrel system in our garage in 2012.  Ian's home brewing passion had gotten a bit out of control with new recipes being crafted almost twice a week and Bryce finally asked the question, "what are we going to do with all this beer?". While Ian had been itching to open a restaurant, the red tape was holding him back and the idea of trying to sell his craft beer as a way to start small, prove himself, and then gradually go bigger started to become a really good idea, and eventually a reality.  

While both Bryce and Ian held their day jobs (Ian was the Executive Chef at Centro Latin Kitchen & Refreshment Palace and Bryce was working at the Sterling-Rice Group) their evenings were consumed with starting BRU.  Bryce doing the branding and design work, and of course helping Ian bottle, clean kegs, and anything else that needed to be done, while Ian brewed, and brewed, and brewed.  The first batches went into bombers and kegs dropped off by Bryce's father (the whole family was of course involved!) to local liquor stores and restaurants and became an instant hit.  Ian's culinary palate translated easily into crafting delicious ales, using new ingredients that weren't unique for unique sake, but ingredients that brought out the best flavors.  He also appreciated the essence of time, allowing carbonation to occur naturally and never filtering or pasteurizing his ales.  But BRU wasn't just about using the skillful ingredients and the fine-tuned techniques that only a chef would know, it was also about making sure the company had Bryce and Ian's values in it; like using wind power and eco-friendly chemicals as well as recycling, composting, and donating to the community.

This foundation helped BRU expand into a 3 barrel system in the garage and eventually move into BRU's new home.  After months of literally designing, building, tiling, painting, and staining just about everything by hand in the gastro brewery BRU officially moved out of the garage.  Today, you can find Ian brewing, cooking, and sometimes even seating you at your table while Bryce keeps busy with her day job at Egg Strategy and doing the marketing for BRU during her "free time."  

And while BRU may have grown since our beginnings in the garage, it will always be driven by our passion, joy, honesty, creativity, technique, sleepless nights, and most importantly a whole lot of love.  

We hope you enjoy your experience as we continue to reinterpret the world of beer and food.